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Please reach out to her for quotes and booking inquiries.


To see her work on Instagram, Click Here.


If you are interested in learning more about movement with Tamara, visit her website Click Here. 

About the Artist

Tamara Belin is an artist based in Ny.  Tamara has been honing her artistic skills using various art mediums since childhood.


Her favorite mediums and most sought after works are created with acrylic painting, watercolor, and digital creations. Originally a sketch artist, she dreamed of becoming a fashion designer. Tamara blended her artistry skills, and passion for healing via Pole Dance and Movement, to inspire her collection of Fantasy Heels.


Tamara’s evolution into self discovery, and healing has led her to introduce another element of peace to her existence. In her Collection, "Blooms From Darkness",  her use of dark color refers to the difficulties, and nuances that we may encounter in life; The appearance of color (soft or vivivd) demonstrate the strength and beauty that can emerge from dark times.

Tamara challenges the boundaries of realism, and shows unthinkable desires that may bloom (from darkness).


She offers this message of resilience: 

"Though darkness and fears; Imagine the lightness, freedom, and joy that can emerge".

                                                                -Tamara Belin


Current day, Tamara continues to host private art events throughout NYC, and Westchester. She also produces custom works, and commissions.









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